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Today I re-read the article: On becoming an expert C programmer  from Chongo.

He help me determine to grow up as a great programmer day by day.

Some suggestions from him:
  • Persistence and determination are important keys to success
  • Write programs for other people.
  • Where possible, openly publish your code, perhaps on your web site.
  • Start small and work your way up … Some of my more popular code is actually small code fragments that are used by others over and over again.
  • Don’t be discouraged if nobody (or if only a few people) uses some of your early programs. What is important is to practice writing quality, well commented code … to maintain and fix that code.
  • In fact, write your code well (with comments, etc.) the first time … even if you are just writing a quick ‘hello world’ program.If a program is not worth writing well (perhaps because you think it is just a quick test code fragment …) then it is not worth writing in the first place.
  • Always, always, always write code as if it will last 30 years … some of your code can live that long.
  • Keep a collection of programs and samples.
  • Code like you are an artist … even if you feel your initial programs are not very good.
  • Interact with other programmers.
  • Find bugs in other people’s code.
  • Maintaining and fixing other people’s code is EXTREMELY important skill to have.
  • Back up and protect your sample code directory.