1. Complete Change backup location to VM_Station/Backup; complete
  2. Postponed Do some tar backup about lovegcy
  3. Complete  How to install chrome browser on Ubuntu. Post: http://www.liberiangeek.net/2010/05/how-to-install-chromium-google-chrome-in-ubuntu-10-04-lucid-lynx/
  4. Complete Read Kernel Tips: http://www.tux.org/lkml/ , note : https://artistofcode.wordpress.com/2012/06/09/note-the-linux-kernel-mailing-list-faq/


  1. Complete Move mp3 files to kerneltest disk
  2. Complete Setup the system backup script and schedule it daily; Post: http://www.debianadmin.com/backup-and-restore-your-ubuntu-system-using-sbackup.html
    1. Analysis of all  backup tools: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem
    2. Backup with Tar: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=81311
  3. Complete How to format code on wordpress.com. Solution:
<span style="color: #003366;">your code here</span>
<span style="color: #003366;">


Issue to Investigate:

  1. CompleteWhen I have canceled one installation, I encountered the following error when I try to install another new software on Ubuntu.
    1. The installation could have failed because of an error in the corresponding software package or it was cancelled in an unfriendly way. You have to repair this before you can install or remove any further software.
    2. Solution, run command: sudo dpkg –configure -a, related post:http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1498009
  2. Complete How to install Eclipse on Ubuntu? Post:http://blog.sudobits.com/2011/10/02/how-to-install-eclipse-ide-on-ubuntu-11-10/

    1. http://www.aoddy.com/2010/03/28/install-eclipse-and-cc-development-tool-on-ubuntu-9-10/
    2. Issue: E: Couldn’t find package eclipse-cdt
    3. a


  1. Hack Linux Kernel
  2. Conclude the Move to Ubuntu Articles
  3. Install OpenGrok



1.Complete Implement Grace’s suggestion of the new pages: Advanced Search and TimeZone configuration
2.Complete Plan the service study
3.Complete Repro the IAUserInfo exception from Zhao Yan. Result: failed to repro and sugguest to postpone it. 2h
4.Complete FileSync server training. 2h


1.Complete Resize the Ubuntu; done
2.Install IE; Postpone
3.Setup Email and chat account, slb email pop setting. gamil with email client;canceld
4.Learn Move to Linux; done
5.Setup backup of Ubuntu, complete
6.Learn summary of Tar project
7.Learn summary of Virtual Box , select one c++ open source project
8.Setup Linux and Windows sync up script for working folder, schedule the task
9.Setup the version control solution on Ubuntu.
10.Configure the system to use tranditional chinse input language; done